About Us


EXAN Group (“The Group”) is an independent real estate fund and asset management company primarily active in the United States’ real estate markets. Founded in 2013, the Group has its headquarters in Miami, Florida, and a regional office located in Madrid, Spain. The Group’s objective is to acquire, structure and manage high-quality real estate investments focused on capital preservation and risk-adjusted returns. The Group’s goal is to apply disciplined procedures, sophisticated legal and financial structures, and proactive property/asset management services to preserve capital for future generations whilst maximizing returns and minimizing risk. The Group’s capital funding is predominantly discretionary through separate accounts sponsored and managed by the firm.


  • Source off-market transactions.
  • Establish a dominant position throughout the acquisition process of competitive transactions.
  • Secure project financing through conventional or unconventional mortgage, CMBS, mezzanine and cash collateral loans.
  • Capitalize on temporary arbitrage opportunities in market dislocations, such as illiquidity and other favorable buyer’s conditions.


Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our clients’ and partners’ capital to provide financial stability through direct investments, private equity transactions, co-investments and development opportunities.


Our goal is to combine disciplined bottom-up analytical procedures with sophisticated legal and financial structures to establish a strategy for an existing real estate portfolio or the creation of a new portfolio.


We secure all type of financing solutions to our clients and limited partners; mortgage loans, secured lending (financial assets/portfolio), CMBS, mezzanine and cash collateral loans).


We are a vertically integrated company that combines operating expertise and local market knowledge. Our top-down proactive management is designed to create value over the long-term for our clients and limited partners. Our property management services include accounting and controls, which include the allocation of expenses between components. The Group conducts monthly, or quarterly, reporting to detail the operational insights of each property.


We provide services that include planning and management of shared infrastructures (loading docks, central plant, parking, etc), shared services (security, landscaping, janitorial, etc.), and offer property management services for each individual component.


We supervise and manage tenant construction process to meet landlord and tenant needs. We establish design and construction guidelines, review plans and construction programs, coordinate the mechanical interphase, oversee the permitting process, conduct inspections, and supervise the construction schedule and operations start-up.


Our experienced leasing team emphasizes strategic positioning and pricing to develop a specific leasing strategy tailored to our investor’s needs. We leverage our comprehensive service platform to obtain the best possible lease terms and work with existing tenants to ensure their retention.