Valentina Gomez

Business Development

Valentina Gomez is currently working in the acquisitions department as a Business Development analyst. She has a diverse background in business, marketing, and performing arts. Ms. Gomez worked in her family business, a plastic factory, for two years as marketing coordinator. She has also participated in multiple Model United Nations programs, including one hosted at Harvard University in 2017. Ms. Gomez was a finalist for Florida International University’s Global Bilingual Sales Competition and has published columns in Colombian Magazines, including: El Espectador, El Colombiano, and others. She is currently pursuing an international business degree in Medellin, Colombia, and speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian proficiently. Ms. Gomez has also taken courses at the Universite Catholique de Lyon in Lyon, France; Brunel University in London, United Kingdom; IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain; among others.

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